Slots Variations

All are fun to play and the concept is pretty much the same – choose the Slot game, insert coins, and spin the reels. The major difference is….the amount that you can win. There are also a variety of multi-payline and multi-reel combinations that can increase your chances of winning Slots online.

Basic or Classic Slots

A slot machine is termed as ‘Basic’ when its Jackpot is constant – meaning it has a top jackpot that remains the same, despite the coin size, every time a specific symbol combination is hit. The Basic slot is the ideal game for small bankroll Players, especially those who like to play for extended periods of time. Basic Slots pay out faster than the Progressives, for example, and you can play with smaller coin denominations. Basic Slots are also known as Single Payline or Classic Slots. They have 1 payline running across the centre of 3 reels. The original cherry symbols slots games are prime examples of single payline Slots.

Multiple Payline Slots

Multi-reel Slots usually have 5 spinning reels and as many as 40 or even 100 paylines. A winning combination of the same symbols must appear on one or more of the paylines in order for you to win.

Progressive Slots

You will probably hear the term Progressive Slots far more than you would Multiple Payline Slots or Straight Slots, because the Jackpots on these games is enormous. The Jackpot is created by taking a percentage that each Player bets on the Progressive slot and adding it to the total Jackpot prize. In this way, Progressive Slots can be likened to the lottery – the more people play, the bigger the jackpot will become. You can find theĀ casino zodiac review and Jackpot for Progressives at the top of the machine in large, bold figures on a digital monitor. If the Jackpot is hit by a Player, the amount displayed on the monitor will return to its default Jackpot value and begin accumulating again. Mega Moulah is an extremely popular Progressive Jackpot game.

Video Slots

Video Slots provide a more graphically superior betting experience. They are a bit more complicated than the Basic Slots because they contian Scatter and Wild symbols, which makes gambling for the Player more financially rewarding. Video Slots have up to 5 reels and sometimes as much as 100 paylines. The payouts are determined by the number of symbols on the payline as well as the type of those symbols.

Multiplier Slots

The payouts on Multiplier Slots are calculated a bit differently than on the Basic Slots. The multipliers do exactly as the name infers – they multiply the payouts by the number of coins that are played on that spin. For example, a bet of $1 will pay $10 on the $10 payline. If you bet $2 on the $10 payline, the payout would be would be $20 instead.

Bonus Slots

Bonus Slots can be identified by a special bonus symbol that provides an additional payout if it is hit. Bonus Slots usually have 3 spinning reels and 1 payline. The payouts depend on the winning combinations that are hit and do not normally include coins but, instead, FREE spins.