History of craps - Where it all got started

The objective or purpose of this article is to introduce readers and Craps enthusiasts to the rich history of this game which is also of significance to many people. In this regard, one of the things you ought to know that this is a very ancient game. Craps along with other dice games has provided entertainment and a source of making money throughout the course of history and it is very difficult to say with absolute certainty about the origin of this game. This been said, it is believed to be originated from Hazard, which was also a popular game played by the knights in 1100 AD. In other words, it all started in England.

French and British

This game got so popular that by the early seventeenth century it was played in every casino and club for the purpose of both entertainment and money-making. So far as the introduction of this game into America is concerned, it was basically French and British who introduced this game in this region when they were settled here. Initially, it was only played around the parts of Mississippi and then it its popularity exceeded to other parts of the USA. It is also worth mentioning here that this game has undergone many changes and these changes have made the rules of this game very simple and easy. In other words, it used to be complex but not now.

Find the best casino

This game was also commonly played during the two World Wars among the soldiers. If you feel interested in playing this game then you should know that this is one of those games that almost every casino offers. But before you sign up for a casino, it would be a good idea to do some research on casinos so that you pick the best. So, what are you waiting for? Go online today!